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Temple Health System in Philadelphia had a huge space to ll and had a certain budget to do it. I collaborating with art consultant and client, brainstormed creative solutions and the best possible look for the installation.

When people say a picture is worth a thousand words, they don’t usually have in mind a nine-hundred-foot long old train loading dock turned mural-covered hallway. I knew that lling every square inch with digitally printed wallpaper was cost prohibitive. Given the budget, I arrived at a rhythm of images and color as the most striking approach.

My other challenge was fulfilling the client’s desire to visually represent a cross-section of its community. I, armed with a camera, set out to capture the essence of the surrounding neighborhoods and then to integrate these images into the evolving mural design.

The mural starts with “welcome” and as one walks the hallway they travel along with local people and businesses.They sense the big picture: Temple’s core values and the heart of its mission to serve its community. From afar, the mural pulses with a vibrant array of images alternating with panels of saturated color where the eye can rest. My design accomplishes an amazing balance of excitement, movement and texture that brings this vast space to life.

Temple Health
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