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Iron Hill counts on me to create a unique look and extend their brand identity. One of the main features in each Iron Hill location is a mural in their dining room or bar. Schaller creates these one-of-a-kind murals, all with a common theme — fine food, irons, and good beer. Each mural features imagery speci c to the region and community

Iron Hill serves.

Taking this artistic collaboration one step further, Iron Hill asked Schaller to create limited-edition beer labels for their specialty, handcrafted, seasonal beers.These beers are then sold in gift packs. Schaller brings whimsy and his signature style to custom labels that compliment the beer, creating designs that are as thoughtful as the gift-giver.

Iron Hill and Schaller’s collaboration continues to be a successful merger of art and business identity. As Iron Hill opens more restaurants, they focus on crafting award- winning beers, while Schaller focuses on adding his own brilliance to the space.

Iron Hill
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