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Bringing a new look and feature to a classic glass. These 3D "Ice" glasses are digital embossed creating a decoration that you can feel! This new technique allows for the premium look and, more importantly, the FEEL of molded glassware.


Generously sized, the 13.5 ounce Heavy Base Double Old Fashioned glass is ideal for whiskey, cocktails, or spirits tastings. The larger capacity is great for doubles, and the clean, simple lines make this classic spirits glass perfect for any setting. Crafted with a heavy base for balance, this glass is both durable and attractive. Designed with the background of my cocktail paintings in mind.


These glasses come in two, because you don't always have to drink alone. Sometimes it's good to share the good stuff. They also come in this hand silkscreened limited edition box.


(Please note these new glasses are the same size as teh original set of ICE glasses) 


Handwashing is recommended

(Sorry the glass comes empty, you must supply your own beverage.)

NEW 3D "Ice" Old Fashion Glass Set

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