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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has a “One Percent” art program which encourages artists and communities to work with one another. With a “One Percent” project [approved by the Philadelphia Art Board], one percent of the project budget must go to artwork.Through proposals
and a rigorous selection process, artists are chosen to create a permanent, fixed piece of art.

SEPTA’s Berks Street Station project required that the space feature a mural.I went full steam ahead with this task and wrote a proposal that promised to mix community nostalgia with an urban air. The end result is a memorable ten-foot high, thirty-seven-foot-long mural that greets travelers as they enter the train station.

For this major project, I managed a $90,000 budget, overseeing everything from hiring contractors and fabricators to navigating through numerous revision committees. I capture the history and heart of the community—getting at this essence was one of my creative goals. By talking with neighbors, researching history and getting involved, I aimed to combine nostalgia with what remains current and relevant.

I brought to the table the creativity and integrity of the artistic process—the result? A mural that captures with colorful simplicity a curiosity for the past and creates a sense of community and belonging for the future. All great art created for such public display should remain both relevant and timeless. I created this project through the hearts of the community, and the eyes of the Philadelphia Art Board.

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