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After taking the time to understand Meridian Health Care’s needs, art consultant Maxine Manges, of MKM ne arts brought me on board for this project because of my enthusiasm and attention to detail. Manges led Meridian through the initial task of finnding their vision and once it was clear which elements needed to be highlighted, I set about bringing the several requirements together in a visually pleasing way.


I worked closely with MKM on the concept, from client presentation to fabrication. Architectural drawings were supplied so the artwork could be used to greatest effect in the lighted alcoves called for in the architectural plan. Seven backlit alcoves now read as a picture book of benefactors and the great doctors who continue to generate hope and save lives in this seashore community.

A soothing, peaceful light, a seashore light, illuminates the artwork in the grand corridor, and a red band at eye level weaves throughout images of the shore and of the hospital’s rich history.This is all reinforced by a recurring color palette that harmonizes with photos of blue skies, bright sunlight, sand brushed shores and crashing waves.

This pleasing result was accomplished through a trusting relationship between artist and art consultant and my willingness to be there as a team player at every step of the process.

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