Using lost and found images, words and language, my goals are to paint with a precision and intricacy not normally found in encaustic paintings. My approach is with a vision towards expressionistic and contemporary. Instantaneously setting powerful brush strokes that evoke an emotional connection of the viewer to the past and reflect on their sensibility in the present as a result of their memory. I want people to bring their own thoughts and feelings into my artwork.

I paint using things that already exist, this is what feels true to me. I need to reflect on culture, past and present, as an arbiter of interpretation. Others have created and have only touched on, merely scratched the surface. I then explore the subtle nuances of language and life. I need to explore, as I begin to paint, I let my mind wander into a free association. I define my oeuvre with compositions, which are provocative and whimsical. It is my intent to propel the viewer into scenes of seemingly unrelated subjects, contained within a captivating and complex sonatas. The simultaneous expressions are pop and edgy, esoteric and direct, unrelated and curiously similar, creating a visual language of paradox and juxtaposition. I want to provoke an emotional response from the viewer.

That is why I paint.